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Harnessing Solar Power

Intelligent Water Free Solar Panel Cleaning Robot

Through its unique airwash technology, our intelligent robot cleans the solar Panel without the need of water or any harsh chemicals.


Large Solar Power Plant Panel Cleaning Solution


Intelligent Water Free Solar Panel Cleaning Robot

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Intelligent Operation

Settable to fixed TIME mode or AUTO mode for operating on dust level

Self Powered

Inbuilt Solar Panel charges Li-ion batteries used to power the device. No need for external power supply or cabling.

Water & Chemical Free

No need of water or any chemical to clean the solar panel. Unique triple brush ensures the panels are always clean.

Patented Technology

Sensing & Cleaning Technology is patented for 20 years

Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring ensures 100% uptime thru communication with CMS

Ground Mount or Roof Top Installation

Ideally suitable for large solar plants

Quick & Reliable Technology

Can clean upto 800 panels per hour depending on the level of dust

Safe Operation

Built in System to detect any dust as well as sensor to sens end of array.